Telephone Reassurance


  • Our staff social worker matches each client with an appropriate volunteer and establishes a schedule of calls that meets the client’s need.
  • Volunteer calls serve as a check on well-being.
  • Staff members are available to follow up or intervene in the event of emergencies or concerns.


  • Regularly scheduled calls provide a check on security.
  • Clients enjoy a regular phone visit with our friendly volunteers.
  • Clients and volunteers build friendships and reduce with feelings of isolation.
  • Client friends and family rest assured that their loved ones are receiving additional social interaction with a caring volunteer.
  • Clients and volunteers have access to our social worker in the event of concerns.

We offer Telephone Reassurance to all residents living within the boundaries of the former Borough of East York:

Service Boundary

Service Boundary

Fee: There is no fee for this service.

Contact us to get started:


Telephone: 416-424-3322