Frequently Asked Questions

Are volunteers reimbursed for the cost of gas?
Yes, volunteers receive a flat rate reimbursement for each Meals on Wheels route or Diners Club transportation they do.

Do I need a car to become a volunteer?
No. The majority of our volunteer positions do require a car but there are a number of other volunteer opportunities that do not require a vehicle.

Do I have to have a low income to qualify for Meals on Wheels?
No, certainly not. Meals on Wheels is for anyone whose health prevents them from looking after their own meal preparation.

Is there any assistance for those who can’t afford to pay for Meals on Wheels?
Yes. Our Client Services Coordinator will assess your financial situation and offer assistance to those who qualify.

Do I have to join a “club” to attend Diners Club luncheons?
No, despite its name, Diners Club is not really a club. You do not need to join anything.

May I pick and choose my meals from a menu?
If you choose our frozen meal program, you can choose entrees, soups, desserts and breakfast snacks from a menu. If you choose our hot meal program, you can tell us what foods you do not like and we will ensure that you do not receive them, but you cannot choose from a menu.